Fire at apartments off Chain Bridge Road contained

At approximately 3:40 PM, the City of Fairfax’s fire department received a call about a fire at an apartment complex at 4311 Bob Ct., just off of Chain Bridge Road.

The fire damaged 12 apartment units and caused four minor injuries, according to the Fairfax’s fire chief David Rohr. He said that the fire likely began on a balcony of either the second or third floor and then burned its way to the attic.

“There were people inside, but not where the fire started,” Rohr said. “There were people home on the second floor that actually saw the fire coming…A couple of them, as I think I understand, came over the balcony. One of the maintenance men assisted them with a ladder in coming over the balcony.”

According to Rohr, the fire has been contained and is under control. Although the fire department was able to prevent any damage to the right side of the building, Rohr says that at least 25 people are likely to be displaced from the 12 damaged units.

“We had fire department units here from Fairfax city and Fairfax County,” Rohr said. “We did a good job; it was a very advanced fire for this time of day. Normally, when people are awake and it’s bright out, something doesn’t get ahead that far but because of the type of fire that it was, it took off quick.”