Photo Courtesy of Fathima Zainab

Student ambassador for the College of Engineering and Computing talks about her role


Junior Marzana Afroz is the definition of a Mason Patriot. This year, she currently serves as a Mason Student Government Senator, director of event coordination for the Collective Organization of South Asia, secretary and social media manager for the Patriot Period Project and student ambassador for the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC). In addition to these roles, she studies Information Technology here at Mason. 

Student ambassadors act as a conduit for communication between students and the administration, according to Afroz. They provide mentoring for students, organize events, provide networking opportunities and help with the academic enrichment of Mason students. 

Afroz became a student ambassador because of her desire to be the voice of the students. She wants to advocate for her peers and ensure that students’ needs and wants are heard and addressed. 

“It’s about making a tangible impact and contributing to a positive and supportive educational environment at the CEC,” Afroz said. 

Afroz takes on many responsibilities in her role as a CEC student ambassador. Her primary responsibility is to act as a liaison between the students and the administration. She collects input and suggestions from students and then relays them to the admin. She also helps organize events that will bring the Mason community together. Additionally, she fosters relationships between alumni, faculty and industry professionals. 

“These relationships not only enrich the CEC community but also open up networking and mentorship opportunities for students,” Afroz said. 

She aims to represent the large and diverse group of students that make up the CEC. Afroz, and other student ambassadors at Mason, help guarantee that the university evolves in a way that supports students’ needs and guides them to success.

“I strive to ensure their collective voice is represented in every facet of their educational journey… [and] make their time at Mason not just a period of academic growth but also a memorable and enriching experience that prepares them for the challenges of the future,” Afroz  said. 

This semester, Afroz is working on various projects under her role as a student ambassador. She is organizing a celebration ceremony for Dean’s List students which will showcase the talents within our student community, according to Afroz. She is also facilitating dinners with the Deans which will help Mason students network. 

While reflecting on her time as a student ambassador, Afroz said she is “proud of how much more involved and united our student community became.” She has helped students’ ideas and resolutions come to life which benefits the whole university.

Afroz reflects on her own personal growth. “A big step forward for me was getting the opportunity to work directly within the administrative office, a testament to the trust in the Ambassador role and a chance to effect change from the inside,” Afroz said. “Working closely with the administration not only made the CEC a better place for learning and socializing but also provided me with profound insights into the essence of leadership, how to communicate well and what we can achieve when we all work together.”

Looking forward, Afroz hopes to continue developing initiatives that support the students and faculty at Mason, expand mentorship programs, increase alumni networking and promote diversity. 

“I aim to initiate more programs and discussions that address these important issues, ensuring that the CEC remains a welcoming and supportive space for all students,” Afroz said.