Fourth Estate/Kaylyn Barnhart

A New York cosmetic company visits Mason with their latest makeup products to share.


Do we have any Babellines in the house? We bet your makeup bags are full after this visit. 

During the beginning of fall on Oct. 4 and 5, New York cosmetic company, Maybelline, stopped by Wilkins Plaza for a pop-up event as part of their Maybelline Press Play Tour to different university campuses across the country. 

The makeup brand came rolling through on their pink, and glamorous tour bus with their latest makeup products on board to share with students. Campus ambassadors on Mason helped the brand educate students on the newest makeup trends, provided beauty tips and gave away free gifts. 

“I got this opportunity through the platform Youth Marketing Connect (YMC), which is a company that helps connect mainly college students and some graduates to companies like Maybelline and many others,” Junior Lauren Pabico said, a campus ambassador for Maybelline’s pop-up event. 

As one can imagine, all of the girls came running when they heard about free makeup gifts and fun on campus. There were some who endured waiting in line for 30 to 40 minutes for the opportunity. “I wanted to get an experience of Maybelline, I’m really new to makeup and wanted to get some advice from the people here,” Freshman Autumn Macklin said.

Although the wait may have been long, good boyfriends will do anything to make their girlfriends happy. “I’m standing here because I want to get a [free] bag for my girl,” Senior Junghwan Jee said. 

There were two options for giveaways that Maybelline’s tour bus offered: The blue and pink pass. The blue pass was given to students who were in-between classes and did not have much time for the full Maybelline experience. They received only a free matte lipstick. 

The pink pass was for students who had time for the complete experience. They were given a tour of the bus, experimented with different makeup products and received a Maybelline tote with various makeup pieces such as lipsticks and mascaras to sample.

“I love Maybelline…I really like their mascara, it’s my favorite mascara to use…,” Freshman Kenna Sarver said. 

Maybelline being on campus was a highlight to most students’ day, and it was a good break from classes for some. For those who missed this pop-up event, don’t worry. Students may look forward to similar events like this on campus in the future.

“As a creator who has worked with multiple brands, I would assume there’s bound to be another brand that comes to campus. If not this semester, [then] next semester in the spring,” Pabico said.