Photo Courtesy of C.J. Marshall

Mason student explores the intersection between Computer Science and modeling.


Junior Nasrin Ali’s first foray into modeling was during her senior year of high school, when she and her friend participated in her brother’s photoshoot for Elevate & Motivate Music. Back then, she was nervous about being in front of the camera. After the experience, she found a new passion.

Ali first worked with a modeling agency in 2021 when one of her friends, who is also a model, encouraged her to send her portfolio to an up-and-coming mother-model agency, Black Agency. She took her chances, submitted her portfolio and got signed.

Currently, she is signed with VisualsDMV and does freelance work. Her photographers have beautiful visions and creative ideas, and it excites her to help carry them out.

“There is nothing I love more than being in front of the camera. I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to help people carry out their creative visions,” Ali said.

In addition to modeling, Ali is also majoring in Computer Science. She is a Samsung ambassador, giving her a platform to bridge the gap between her academic pursuits and her creative endeavors. From capturing breathtaking moments with Samsung cameras to enhancing her modeling portfolio through advanced photo editing on Samsung tablets, she is constantly inspired by the intersection of technology and art. 

“Through this collaboration, I am not only shaping my own future but also contributing to the ever-changing landscape of technology-driven creativity,” Ali said. 

Ali has participated in programs such as the Columbia University Girls in STEM Initiative, Kode with Klossy, Girls Who Code, Exelon STEM Academy, Google Code Next and the Google Computer Science Summer Institute. Her most recent experience was as a software engineering and product management intern at Microsoft with Xbox Studios

These programs have allowed her to fine-tune her passions, which include helping people, fashion and all kinds of art. After completing her degree, she hopes to develop and improve AI used to detect cancer, increase diversity when testing these technologies and complete research on how algorithms can present more accurate information.

“My heart lies in the world of research, particularly in AI. This fascination isn’t merely academic; it’s deeply personal,” Ali said. “The memory of my grandmother, whose life was claimed by cancer, fuels my determination.”

Ali plans to pursue her Masters and Ph.D., immersing herself in research that could potentially redefine how our society approaches and combats this devastating disease. She aspires to not just improve existing solutions but also to pioneer new ones and create pathways to early detection that could save lives and offer hope to families. 

Along with her current professional goals, Ali is also a tutor, mentor, and educator who aspires to develop and create a safe haven for young minds, particularly young Black brains. To fulfill her goals, she hopes to build a nonprofit that will provide free computer science education and mentorship while instilling confidence, sparking curiosity, and cultivating a feeling of belonging.

“I see this program as more than an educational institution; it’s a family. It’s a community that doesn’t just end with graduation. It continues, providing avenues for alumni to give back, to mentor the next generation thus creating a perpetual cycle of support and empowerment.” Ali said.

She envisions herself as a creator, weaving together intricate codes and seamless designs to develop applications that enhance lives. From user-friendly healthcare apps to innovative educational platforms, Ali wants her skills to translate into tangible, accessible tools that empower individuals and communities. 

Through every click of the shutter, every brush of makeup and every stitch of fabric, being a model allows Ali to express her story and connect with others. As she continues on her journey, she is endlessly grateful for the love that fuels her passion.

Students who are interested can see Ali’s work on her portfolio, Instagram and career-related experiences on LinkedIn.