Photo Courtesy of Mason Dining

Need a friend? Call on Zayd Hamid


Zayd Hamid is a junior at George Mason university. Majoring in Public Administration and part of the Bachelor’s Accelerated Master’s (BAM) program, whenever he’s not studying, you can easily find him all over campus through Mason Student Government and Mason Recreation.

Carrying a stacked weekly schedule due to meetings, events and other commitments, Hamid has worked hard to build community and create a positive impact on people’s lives every second that he can get.

Zayd speaks about his Guyanese upbringing, which instilled his values today. “My family is Guyanese-American. We, as a family, as a culture, have a very strong emphasis on community… I think that has helped me develop into someone who places a strong emphasis on the importance of community.” said Hamid.

Luckily for Hamid, he was able to find the community he needed on campus beginning fall of 2021 as soon as he came to campus through his resident advisor (RA), alumni Sean Diment.

“My RA, Sean Diment, was in Student Government. He was an RA for multiple years before he had me; he was an orientation leader himself. Everything I wanted to do in my freshman year in college, Sean did that. I knew I could come to him for advice on pretty much whatever I wanted to do. I had a role model, I had a friend in my RA.” said Hamid.

Along with his RA, Hamid further built his community by working at Mason Recreation and befriending alumni Matthew Hanks in Student Government.

Hamid, who now works as the presidential advisor for Student Government and Manager on Duty for Mason Recreation, recalls his first interaction with Hanks.

“When I joined Student Government, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone… and it just so happened that the guy next to me was Matthew Hanks, a Manager on Duty at Mason Recreation who recognized my name before ever knowing me… That same person who recognized my name made me his vice-chair. When I was up for promotion at Mason Recreation, he wrote me a letter of recommendation.” said Hamid. “The connections you make, you never know where they will take you.”

From his friendships with Diment and Hanks to their impacts on the Mason community, Hamid made it his goal to pay it forward for his own peers and friends through all the many roles he occupies.

“I’ve written over a dozen letters of recommendation for people now, and it feels good. I love that feeling because I love being able to help people make their goals. I see what wonderful, impactful leaders they become, and it warms my heart.” said Hamid.

Although Hamid found and started building his own community since freshman year, he expresses to others that it is never too late to find a community and leave an impact.

“It’s never too late to get involved, never too late to make a difference. If a person is looking for a place to get involved, reach out to me. I am happy to work with any student to help them find a place where they belong on campus.” said Hamid.

Recognizing that there is no timetable and everyone is on their own path, Hamid wishes everyone the best of luck on their journey through life as they take chances on new opportunities.

“I am proud of you, you got this far. I may not know who you are, I may never meet you in my life, but you’re here doing your best. You’re here living, doing, you’re here, and you’re going to get there whatever that end goal looks like for you.” said Hamid.

For anyone wishing to get connected with Zayd Hamid, feel free to reach out to him through his LinkedIn.