Photo Courtesy of Wasia Amir

Victoria Ghanma leads Mason’s EMS Club to promote life-saving interventions.


The Emergency Medical Services Club at Mason caters to the needs of first responders and medical personnel while educating the public on what to do during medical emergencies. 

With 85 members and counting, the RSO provides a platform for students interested in emergency medical services to acquire practical skills and knowledge. The club’s president, sophomore Victoria Ghanma, described the club’s mission, events and future.

The EMS Club’s primary goal is to provide a platform for first responders and medical personnel to connect, collaborate and network. The club also educates the public on handling medical emergencies, as several students approached Ghanma with inquiries on how to pursue a career as an EMT or first responder, “There were numerous first responders at GMU, yet there was no existing organization that catered to their needs or provided a platform for them to connect and collaborate.” said Ghanma. 

The club hosts various events to promote its mission, provide members with practical skills and knowledge and spread awareness about life-saving interventions among the student community. In addition to the club hosting patient scenarios, the club has arranged for an ambulance to be present on campus. This hands-on experience allows students to learn about Emergency Medical Services and the various roles within the field. “Some of the club’s members have created presentations on crucial topics such as drug administration, controlling bleeding and taking vitals.” said Ghanma.

One notable event was a member-led initiative that featured presentations from Paramedic Nicole Brandt, EMT Shaden Sayed and EMT Reshad Nawal. “These dedicated members put in a tremendous effort to create informative and engaging presentations on various topics related to emergency medical services,” said Ghanma. 

The presentations prompted discussions among the attendees on various topics related to emergency medical services, such as administering specific drugs and patient assessment. The EMS Club has also collaborated with the Early Identification Program at Mason to present to first-generation students, sharing its expertise with a broader audience. 

Ghanma expanded on how EMS has impacted her experience at GMU. “I have been able to meet many different EMS providers from both across Virginia and across the country, making new friends along the way.” 

Vice President and sophomore Gurtej Matharoo expressed his appreciation for the community of EMS providers and friends he has made through the club. “The best part of EMS Club is forming a supportive and educational community for both EMS providers and the general public,” said Matharoo.

Freshman Shanjhitha Kannan, Certified Nursing Assistant intern and EMS secretary, found the club to be a resource for understanding what happens to patients after they leave her care. Kannan elaborated on how the club has provided a supportive and educational environment for all members. “The team members of this club are always encouraging for the upcoming EMS students,” said Kannan. 

Member junior Shaden Sayed, a volunteer at Ashburn Fire and ResCue, values the opportunities to practice and revise BLS skills through various scenarios. “It allows me to meet up with different EMTs from different stations and create that teamwork needed for the people we serve.” said Sayed. 

Victoria Ghanma and the members of the EMS Club at GMU provided a platform for networking, education and hands-on experience. The club has helped members achieve their career goals and encourage community involvement. 

Students who are interested in the EMS Club at GMU can follow their Instagram to stay connected with more updates, or sign up to join through the link on Mason360