Hello Patriots!

I can’t believe we’re already into the third week of the last semester of the 2022-2023 school year. It’s truly been a senior year to remember here at Mason. 

It’s a bittersweet ending to an amazing four years that I haven’t regretted one bit, even if Mason was not always my first choice. I’ve made so many connections and friends over the last four years and it all feels like it’s been leading up to this. I’ve had opportunities here I wouldn’t have had anywhere else, including a study abroad program in Paris where I found that I like Europe more than America.

As Editor-in-Chief of the Fourth Estate, we are committed to reporting and delivering content to the Mason student body on issues that matter. I can’t help but note that myself and our new News Editor, Erica Munisar, both reported on hard-hitting stories that matter to Mason. I am disappointed that after reporting on Mason PD being friendly with The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property and the Alexandria ‘Werewolf’ Killer being a Mason student, we have still not heard anything from Mason’s administration. 

How can the Mason student body expect to be safe when the administration won’t take accountability or present students with any statement?

The Fourth Estate will continue to deliver factual, non-partisan reporting without bias for the rest of this school year. We’ll be at the homecoming basketball game, where Kim English will hopefully lead the Patriots to victory. We’ll cover Jennette McCurdy’s visit to our campus, which I personally am excited about as someone who’s read her new book, “I’m Glad My Mom Died”. And, we’ll be at the debates covering who could be your new Student Body President and Vice President in addition to fun things to come.

In addition to Erica Munisar joining our staff, I’d also like to welcome Mady Godfrey as our new Culture Editor. 

Finally, we are always looking for student journalists at Mason. Without our student journalists, we would have no paper and I am appreciative of the student journalists who continue to write for us consistently. For those interested in the Fourth Estate please reach out at masonfourthestate@gmail.com


Brad Byrne