Pats For Pats – 4/13/22

Welcome to Pats For Pats, Patriots. Every week, we will feature your submissions to feature individuals on the Mason campus who you feel deserve a positive message. A pat on the back, if you will. To submit a Pat, visit!

This week…

Faculty advisor Philip Wilkerson received a Pat from another faculty member for “taking the time to come to my BUS 303 class today to present information about the Mason Chooses Kindness movement and the Pats for Pat’s program. What better way to recognize his kindness than a Pat for a Pat!”

Student Saurya Sharma Nepal received a pat from another student, who wanted to say “Thank you for always being there for me and going above and beyond!”

Student Teresa Padgett received a pat from a faculty member, saying “Teresa, I don’t say this lightly – you are an absolute rockstar. Not only are you incredibly smart and talented, but your leadership skills have been top-notch as you head the outdoor adventure program on your own. Your enthusiasm and willingness to lead and engage with our students has been absolutely fantastic to see. I think you are a beacon of kindness and sincerity in the department, and I know that many many of us are in awe of your abilities and your dedication to service. Thank you for being such an amazing colleague and student. You are appreciated, you are loved, you deserve all the Pats and more.”

Student Caroline Andrews received a Pat from a faculty member, who expressed that she is “So proud of you for getting that interview! You went out and put your name out there. I look up to you in ways you probably don’t even realize. Keep being you! Love you. :)”

Philip Wilkerson sent a Pat to Fourth Estate editors Collin Cope and Sami Gibbs for “meeting with me today and being open to the possibility of including Mason Chooses Kindness and Pats for Pat in Fourth Estate. Keep spreading kindness to others!”

Check back in next week for more Pats For Pats!