Courtesy of Shannon Howley


Alumnus: Shannon Howley

What year did you graduate from Mason? What was your major? 

I graduated last spring. I majored in Government and International Politics. 

What made you choose Mason for undergrad? 

George Mason has a great degree in Government and International Politics, with professors that are experts in their field. I was interested in being close to Washington, D.C., so that I could have political internships during the semester. Also, I wanted to be a member of George Mason’s debate team which is consistently ranked as one of the top debate teams in the nation.

How did you get involved with Mason’s debate team? 

I participated in debate throughout high school and I went to George Mason’s Summer Debate Institute before my senior year. At that summer program, I met some of George Mason’s coaches and learned about the team. I really loved the culture of the team and decided to continue debate in college after I enrolled at George Mason. 

What have you been doing since graduation? 

I am a graduate student at Wake Forest University. I also am a graduate assistant for the Wake Forest debate team. 

What are you studying at Wake Forest University? 

Communication. I am focusing my research on environmental and science communication. 

What are your plans after graduate school? 

I am still undecided on what path I will pursue, but I am considering continuing my education and applying for Ph.D. schools next year. I want to continue my research in communication by studying the factors that can make climate change advocacy persuasive. I hope to eventually apply my degree to work for nonprofits and organizations that focus on climate change action and conservation.