Incoming Advice from an Outgoing Staff Writer

Making the most out of Mason


Fourth Estate/Billy Ferguson

I must say, writing this article is a little bittersweet. After two and a half years writing for Fourth Estate, this will be my last article. I’ve been thinking about writing this article since the beginning of my senior year but, to be honest, I never thought that I would be writing it from home. Nevertheless, even with half of my last semester being spent working from home, my time at Mason has been long enough to compile a list of things you should do at Mason before you graduate.

Attend a PAC movie viewing 

Every semester, the Patriot Activities Council plays a number of movies that have just been released from theaters. The event is usually accompanied with games and giveaways. I would recommend that you go to the Dive In. Watching a movie in a pool — what more could you want!

Get published in your field

Getting an article published in your field, whatever it may be, is a great thing to have on your resume. You have an opportunity to do that here at Mason. Most majors have a dedicated organization or fraternity, and typically they will have a blog where you can contribute. If you need help finding an organization to publish your essays, talk to your advisors and they will help you find one.

Use the career services office

I’m not going to lie, the job search process is difficult to navigate. It’s a competitive world out there and you’re going to need all the help you can get. And one of the best places to get this help is the Career Services office. Not only will they help you improve your resume and cover letter, but they will give you tips on how to get an interview.

Use the robots

People like to complain a lot about the robots. When you can get over the fact that they get in your way as you walk to class, or that they take a long time to deliver food, you’ll realize how cool it is to have robots deliver you food. Not only that, but in the future you get to say that your school was the first to use robots to deliver food on campus!

Take a recreation class

People are still surprised when they hear that we have recreation classes here at Mason (even though I wrote an entire article about it)! From horseback riding to scuba diving to martial arts classes, there is surely something on this list for everyone. So, when you sign up for next semester’s classes, make sure to check out recreation classes. You’re bound to find something on there that interests you.