Get physical with Mason Rec


By Ahmed Farid, Staff Writer

It is a well-known fact that Mason offers a diverse array of majors. From Anthropology to Computer Science, there is a major for everyone to be able to study what he or she is passionate about.

However, one problem with all these classes is that they are all very traditional. What if you wanted to study finance but also dreamed of learning how to climb a mountain? And who said that you don’t want to study Yoga while pursuing a degree in Biology? Well, Mason faculty thought of that question before you did, and decided to do something about it, which is why we have recreation courses. From rock climbing to golf, Mason recreation offers every activity you might think of.

If you’ve ever walked home alone at night and felt unsafe, then Mason’s got you covered. Dr. Chun Park will teach you how to defend yourself in his self defense classes so that you never feel that way again.

Teaching both theoretical as well as practical self-defense, Dr. Park will make sure you know how to protect yourself. Not only that, if you wanted to learn how to defend yourself as well as learn an Olympic sport, you can do that too if you take his taekwondo class.

However, if you are more of a nature person and want to explore the ocean, you are better off taking Dr. Thomas Wood’s scuba diving class. Dr. Wood has been a professor at Mason for almost 20 years and continues to teach conservation biology. He tries to pass on his passion through his scuba diving class.

Kim Magalona, a senior, says that she took the course to advance in the marine biology field, and although she was scared of practicing her SCUBA diving skills in the pool, Dr. Wood helped her face her fears.

Yet, not all students who take his class are interested in marine biology. Kyle Tarro, senior, has wanted to try scuba diving ever since he was young, and enjoys the feeling that he is flying while practicing in the pool. So if you ever feel like getting your scuba diving certificate, you can do it at Mason. All you need is basic swimming ability and a small fee with which you will buy your gear. You might even go get your diving certificate in the Caribbean with Dr. Wood’s class.

Unfortunately, not all students know about these great programs. Dr. Fred Schack laments the fact that not all schools let their students know about the great programs offered here at Mason.

“It’s a real shame and they should all know,” he says. Students join Dr. Schack’s body conditioning class to help get their bodies in better shape, and they are surprised by all the advice Dr. Schack has to help them.

So if you ever feel like you have a lot of classes and you need some activity to help you blow off some steam, or if you have some childhood dream that went unfulfilled, take a look at Mason’s recreation courses and see what they can offer you.

Photo Courtesy of Mason Rec