Housing and Residence Life Update

Fourth Estate/Dominique Bernardino

More information on move-out and HRL decisions


As the predicted end of quarantine is pushed further and further back, Mason’s Housing and Residence Life (HRL) have extended their social distancing precautions, causing residential student move-out to begin early June.  

In an update posted by the Housing and Residence Life Twitter account, Chief Housing Officer Chris Holland announced that before June, no current on-campus students will be able to move off campus, and no students are allowed to come retrieve items still left in their rooms.

Holland explained this decision in an email to Fourth Estate, saying, “After careful guidance from healthcare providers and in guidance with other universities and colleges in the state, as well as in line with the Governor’s ‘stay at home’ order, we decided to not move forward with any formal move-out process, as originally planned, the week of April 6.” 

As of now, move-out is scheduled to begin June 10. Students should expect an email from HRL providing more information toward the end of this month. 

After Mason’s decision to switch to online learning for the remainder of the year, students who wished to stay on campus were required to complete a form explaining their extenuating circumstances. 

“Students applied to stay through their housing portal based on various criteria — travel restrictions to return home, international status, requirements to stay due to academic and/or campus work needs, and in the event there were mitigating circumstances to returning home,” Holland said.

According to Holland, there are currently 423 students approved to stay on campus. Mason Dining is still offering limited dining options, such as dining hall service out of the Mason Pilot House. 

In terms of remaining on-campus student HRL staff, the numbers are small but beneficial. 

“We have some student staff who have volunteered to assist during this time by working the desk in Piedmont/Tidewater,” Holland stated. 

When asked about the well-being of students and staff still living and working on campus Holland stated, “​I think all students during this time, like all of us [HRL administration], are managing as well as can be expected. This is a trying time for all of us as we try to adapt to a society that has changed dramatically in a short period of time due to the pandemic.”

He continued, “That said, we still have resources available, and as needed, to assist students who may need additional support.”