Letter from the Editor

Hey Patriots, 

Since we last printed on March 2, a lot has happened. Mason has officially moved all classes to virtual instruction — and they aren’t the only ones. Residence halls have been shut down and we got an extra week for spring break. As more and more schools close, and states shut down restaurants, bars and, in some cases, go on lockdown — we want you to know that we’re still here.

Well, virtually at least. We have suspended all of our print editions and will be exclusively publishing online for the remainder of the semester. So, check out our content at http://gmufourthestate.com/ for the latest updates. All content will be published on Monday mornings, with the exception of breaking news stories that come up here or there. 

We’re going to do our best to keep you informed on all things Mason. Whether it’s new decisions regarding the coronavirus or a new research project going on, we want you to still feel a part of the Mason community even if none of us are physically on campus right now. We know right now it can be very easy to feel alone. We encourage you to reach out to friends, and stay in your usual routine as much as possible during this time. Also, be kind to yourself. Take the time to assess what you need and what you are capable of this semester. 

This is without a doubt the most hectic time of our college careers. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, we’re heading into uncharted territory. 

Let us know if there’s anything you want to see more of, see less of, or if there’s anything on your minds. We are here to serve as a platform for you all. 

This week our News section has been hard at work to gather all the information you’ll need about how Mason is handling the coronavirus. Check out their content to catch up on everything you might’ve missed. 

Our Sports section, bless them, has managed to whip up a few articles for you this week. Check out their content to see what’s going on in the sports world now that sports has been, well, canceled, for a lack of better word.

Meanwhile, our Culture section is bringing you guys a new beat. Check out the first ever “Fourth Estate quarantine survival guide.” Since we know many students have gone back home because of COVID-19, the beat will highlight different aspects of life under quarantine to help you get through the down time the best way possible. 

Our Opinion editor, Dominic Pino, highlighted a rather popular argument circulating throughout the Mason community — whether or not students should be offered the option of changing their courses to pass/fail instead of the usual grading system. Check out what he has to say under our opinion section.

We also received two letters to the editor for this week’s issue. One is from Mason’s AAUP chapter, which details the process of the presidential search from the eyes of GMU-AAUP, and, as they put it, looks at “the good, the bad and the ugly,” of the search as a whole. Check it out here.

The second highlights a story from a Mason student and their Title IX investigation. It’s a pretty powerful story, if you ask us. Check it out here. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, email us at masonfourthestate@gmail.com

Hang in there, wash your hands and stay safe Patriots,


Hailey Bullis and Dana Nickel

Co Editors-in-Chief