Hidden Hangouts: Vivi Bubble Tea

Leigh Norman/Fourth Estate

Thank the skeleton on your way out!


The cashier has called your order of taro bubble tea four times, but you can’t hear her. There’s so much to take in. The lobby has a wall swing. The wall swing is bubblegum pink. There’s a winking cartoon skeleton above the swing. All the way from Taiwan, it’s Vivi Bubble Tea.

Open seven days a week, Vivi Bubble Tea is a great spot for relaxing. The shop has plenty of hot pink seating for both individual diners and larger groups. They are open until 10:30 p.m. every day, while on Fridays and Saturdays they are open until 11:15 p.m. Located on 6769 Wilson Blvd in Falls Church, Vivi Bubble Tea is a mere 25-minute drive from campus.

Don’t arrive too late, or you will not have time to choose your drink. Vivi offers a large range of bubble teas and toppings, from floats to yakult to jade tea, lactose-free milk teas and more. From staples like creamy taro to specialty drinks like their sparkling blue galaxy, Vivi’s menu is enormous. Drinks are available hot or cold.

If you’re hungry, Vivi also has a range of snacks. The Taiwanese pork chop bento is a fun lunch. For the kiddie crowd, boxes with popcorn chicken and sweet potato fries are also available.

Another special part of Vivi is their drink sizes. They offer medium and large options. Both are reasonably sized and not too heavy. A common complaint with bubble tea is the cups are often extremely large, difficult to finish and hard to carry around. Vivi’s medium size is perfect for a walk around for block. Vivi is on the far end of the Eden Center, a popular Asian strip mall. So, take your Vivi bubble tea, grab some friends and explore.

After your walk around Good Fortune Supermarket, you will go back to Vivi Bubble Tea, guaranteed. You may sample the pork cutlet bento or order the Red Moo drink. When you leave, you will swear that the skeleton above the hot pink swing winked at you. And maybe it did.