Travel the World While Being At Mason

The Global Education Office holds a study abroad fair in the JC


Ever wondered what it would be like to learn about your area of study in a foreign country? Luckily, Mason offers many opportunities for students to participate in a study abroad program.

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the Global Education Office held a fair in Dewberry Hall to inform students about the array of study abroad programs. The fair was made up of several tables representing many countries and areas of the world. There was also information about scholarships and alternative breaks, which are also a great opportunity for students. For instance, alternative breaks are great because they are offered during school breaks and are focused on service learning and social justice issues.

There were students who not only studied abroad in the past, but are also currently studying abroad. For example, Suchan, an engineering major, and Sujin, an English major, are two international students from Yonsei University in South Korea. They both are excited to improve their English and learn more about American culture during their time here at Mason. They both enjoy the natural scenery that is a nice change from the city scene of Seoul, South Korea.

Senior Amethyst has had the opportunity to study abroad twice. Her first time was in Budapest, Hungary during her sophomore year. She loved it and said that she “grew up a little bit, being so far away from home.” While in Hungary, Amethyst learned a lot about the refugee crisis and said, “I realized that it was something that I cared a lot about.”

After, Amethyst knew exactly what she wanted to study for her next time abroad. She studied in Malta her junior year, where she had the opportunity to intern at the Refugee Commissioner’s office and even had a class taught by the Refugee Commissioner herself. Amethyst had vastly different experiences for both study abroad programs but said “I wouldn’t be the same without doing them both.”

Two other students, Faith and Yesenia, also participated in a study abroad program over the summer. They spent one month in Spain immersed in its language and culture. While there, they stayed with host families. Faith had the chance to practice Spanish at a much more rigorous level.

Yesenia, on the other hand, is already very fluent in Spanish, so she had the opportunity to learn more about Spanish culture and see how “Spain really is.” She also mentioned the experience of being in Spain during the World Cup and how much fun it was to be in a country “that cares a lot more about” soccer.

If a student doesn’t find a program that matches their interests, the Global Education Office will work to craft a program that matches with what the student wants. There is something for everyone in study abroad.