Mason Presents First-Ever Upcycling Fashion Exhibit

Fashion Exhibit reuses discarded materials to make clothes

By Stephanie Gomez, Contributor

The Office of Sustainability and the Mix@Fenwick present the Mason community their first fashion exhibit, initiating a movement to raise awareness about upcycling — which is reusing discarded materials to create a product of higher quality or value. The fashion exhibit will take place April 16 – 27 at the Mix@Fenwick, where five mannequins will feature pieces created by students.Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.46.40 PM

The purpose of the exhibit is to, “showcase the work done by the students, provide additional educational services and raise awareness of clothing waste,” says Samira Lloyd, program manager of the event and the Patriot Green Fund (PGF) for the Office of Sustainability.

The fashion exhibit takes place during Earth month  to educate the Mason community how to reduce clothing waste. Lloyd explains, “Upcycling is more of taking things [clothes] that you already have and repurposing them into something new. Giving them a new life.”

Several donations were collected this past Dec. 2017, providing clothing materials that are now shelved at the Mix makers space, free for students, faculty, and staff to grab. Clothing items are also used to encourage students to recreate new pieces and expose them to the concept of upcycling.

The Mix makers space offers free sewing classes and certifications for students to join and use their machinery to ensemble their own clothing pieces. “You can join [the] Mix and Office of Sustainability staff and students to help organize the next year’s Upcycling Fashion Exhibit.”
Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.46.13 PM

The first annual fashion exhibit aims to become a new tradition and initiative in raising awareness about the concept of upcycling as a way to be environmental-friendly within the Mason community.

Stop by the Mix@Fenwick between April 16 – 27 and witness the start of a new tradition of the first eco-friendly fashion show collaboration between these two Mason programs. To learn more about the upcoming Fashion Exhibit, visit

Photos by Samira Lloyd