Mason tips and tricks


By Angelique Arintok, Staff Writer

Being a Mason student means being a part of a large and diverse group of individuals. But navigating campus life can come with challenges. The following list is a set of nifty information, applicable for both on-campus and off-campus students.

SPICE UP YOUR STUDY HABITS: With midterm season quickly approaching, it is essential you find the best and most suitable study area based on your preferences. The Fenwick Library is a classic choice, but there are a few hidden gems hidden within the Fairfax campus.

Exploratory Hall has a great outside patio located on the second floor. This patio is a clean and refreshing area– perfect for the warmer days to come. If it is later in the day or it feels a bit colder outside, The Ridge located in between Sandbridge and Blue Ridge residence halls is an open space where students can study between 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday, or 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday.


STICK IT: One of the perks of attending free events on campus are the merch provided, such as stickers. Various student organizations and offices such as the Patriot Activities Council, Office of Student Involvement and Student Media outlets provide free stickers that you can use to transform initially plain notebooks, binders and laptops into pieces of potential conversation starters with fellow classmates.

As opposed to purchasing an official logo-imprinted notebook from the bookstore, placing stickers on school supplies is a more fun, interesting and cost-effective option.

VENDING EQUALS SPENDING: Ditch the overpriced vending machines or convenience stores on campus for your personal choice of snacks. Take one hour out of your busy week to craft a grab-to-go tray at home or at your dorm. Deck the tray with satisfying snacks and drinks that will fill you up for a three-hour lecture.


Non-perishable and packaged food and drink items are best for this tray–-ideal for your run out the door. Don’t forget to restock and replenish the tray when low, as to avoid the tempting vending machines on campus.

PHOTO HOTSPOTS: Stray away from the monotonous look of dorm buildings, and utilize photogenic spots on the Fairfax campus. Perk up your Instagram account with photos taken at locations like Exploratory Hall’s exterior and Peterson Health Sciences Hall’s amphitheater.


Both locations offer a scenic background for something as fun as group photos, or something as professional as headshots. The metallic exterior of Exploratory Hall appears modern and industrial, whereas Peterson Hall’s amphitheater is more neutral and close to nature. With the spring season almost here, more locations on campus will blossom and grow. but for now, the two previously mentioned halls provide beautiful scenery for a quality photo.

MIX UP YOUR MEALS: The renovation of the Johnson Center atrium meant new dining options for students on campus, but if you’re tired of the same old Blaze Pizza or Chipotle, don’t forget about the distant yet enjoyable options like Panda Express, Manhattan Pizza and Subway.

It can’t be forgotten that a student with an independent meal plan is granted one meal swipe per day at Simply-to-Go in the bottom floor of SUB 1. The once-a-day meal swipe entails a salad/sandwich, chips/fruit, cookie and beverage.

Working hard does not have to be dull or boring. Using some of these tips can either brighten or modify your daily routine as a Mason student.

Photos by Angelique Arintok