Homecoming is just around the corner


By Michael Abler, Staff Writer

Starting on Tuesday Feb. 6, (or 8 depending on some GMU Website sources) Mason will partake in Homecoming 2018. From Feb. 6-10 Mason will play host to many different fun filled activities for everybody. The week will provide chances for former and current students to come together to celebrate being a Patriot, along with the faculty members of our school. Throughout the week there’ll be various events to celebrate the occasion, such as the ‘Homecoming Hustle’ where the Dewberry Hall will play host to live performances and the unveiling of the top ten candidates for Mason Majesty, a blood drive, and lastly a Homecoming Block party on Saturday afternoon, and many more events happen in between.

The highlight of the week is a performance by the Cold War Kids at the Center for the Arts on Thursday Feb. 8, at 7:30, with the show itself starting at 8 p.m. The concert is set to last from that night into the small hours of the following morning – definitely not something you’d want to miss if you’re on-campus or live nearby.

Aside from the events that are more focused on the current students, there also some fun events for those that are alumni of Mason. Alumni who are returning for the occasion can partake in a few local events with friends and family as they reminisce about their time at Mason and see how much things have changed since they graduated.

Some of the Alumni events include beer tasting, and a home basketball game against George Washington University with discounted tickets. The number of Mason alumni has risen to more than 100,000 in the D.C. area. To learn more about these alumni events, visit http://alumni.gmu.edu/homecoming18.

The rest of these activities, including the beer tasting, also include an indoor and outdoor tailgate on Saturday Feb. 10. The indoor event will occur in the Johnson Center at Dewberry Hall, while the outdoor event will take place in Parking Lot K outside of Eagle Bank Arena. There will also be a regional happy hour at an undetermined place next Thursday the Feb. 8.

So regardless of whether or not you’re currently enrolled at Mason, or you were a student here once upon a time, be sure to join the fun. Mason is home to everybody, especially its students.

Photo Courtesy of George Mason Alumni Association