Mason Adopts New Public Safety App


By Sarah Wheeler, Staff Writer

There is a new way to stay safe and connected while on campus thanks to a personal safety app called Rave Guardian, which Environmental Health & Safety and the Department of Police & Public Safety here at Mason recently adopted.

According to David Farris, the Executive Director of Safety and Emergency Management, the new platform will act as a virtual “blue light” phone in case of an emergency on campus.

“Rave provides better two-way communication and reporting to university police,” said Farris. “It allows users to contact police and relay their location using the location services available through their phones and profile information.”

One of the key features of the app is the ability to add guardians, which are friends and family that can help to watch over you when you activate the safety timer. This safety timer allows your chosen Guardians to monitor your status and location while the timer counts down.

In addition to this safety feature, there are also two buttons on the app to contact Mason police or immediately dial 911.

Farris also notes that, “this app also allows you to send tips or file reports with university police anonymously, and it integrates with Mason Alert.”

The Rave app is available for both iOS and Android phones.