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De Clieu Coffee Shop in downtown Fairfax sells mugs of all sizes.



Hey, it’s me again.


If you’re a long-time reader Fourth Estate, you’re familiar with the old Lifestyle section. The section covered, well, life. It was a strong section with work from great writers. But there was something missing:




Music, movies, TV, food, books, downtown life. The latest concert at the 9:30 Club (if you managed to get those Green Day tickets, 1: I hate you and 2: enjoy the show). The movie with that one guy, I swear I’ve seen him before (it’s Giovanni Ribisi.) The one show everyone’s been telling you to Netflix (trust me, “Stranger Things” is worth it.) The best place to get a cup of coffee (wait, that’s too hard to choose.) The book you can pretend you’re reading while you’re ignoring people on the Metro (The cover of “But What if We’re Wrong?” should at least confuse any would-be talkers.) The best place to buy records (sorry, I bought every copy of “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” from Mobius.)(I’m not sorry.)


If you like arts and entertainment, let us be your guide. We’ll cover everything on-campus and anything off-campus that’s accessible by public transportation.


My background is in arts and culture writing, and I’m excited to help develop this section this year. I can’t wait to see what our Culture Editor Peter Eccleston and his team of writers create. If you’re interested in writing, taking photos, making graphics or just hanging out in the newsroom, stop by our office at 1201 The Hub.
—MacKenzie Reagan, editor-in-chief