What you missed this week

Saturday 10/31

A plane crash in Egypt sparks worldwide controversy about who caused it and if it was a bomb. This crash has started to impact U.S. international flight. An upcoming Fourth Estate article will mention the plane crash and its implications for the U.S. and Mason students.


Sunday 11/1

The Fourth Estate staff members shared their ghost stories in the spirit of the Halloween weekend.


Photo credit: Claire Cecil/Fourth Estate


Monday 11/2

Bernie Sanders launched his first campaign ad. Read our story coverage of Bernie’s Town Hall at Mason from last Wednesday here.

Cecil Claire_Bernie Sanders Townhall Meeting 1

Photo credit: Claire Cecil/Fourth Estate


Tuesday 11/3

Tuesday was Election Day for Fairfax County. Here are the results according to WTOP’s website:

State Senator, District 34

Sen. Chap Peterson (D) – winner


Delegate, District 37

Del. David Bulova (D) – winner

Sang Yi (R)


Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Sharon Bulova (D) – winner

Arthur Purves (R)


Clerk of Court

John Frey (R) – winner

Bettina Lawton (D)


Commonwealth’s Attorney

Ray Morrogh (D) – winner



Stacey Kincaid (D) – winner

Bryan Wolfe (R)


Supervisor, Braddock District

John Cook (R) – winner

Janet Oleszek (D)


School Board, Braddock District

Megan McLaughlin (Endorsed by Fairfax County Democratic Party) – winner


Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District Directors

See the unofficial results here.


School Board, At Large

Bob Copeland (Endorsed by Fairfax County Republican Party)

Jeanette Hough (Endorsed by Fairfax County Republican Party) – winner

Manar Jean-Jacques (Endorsed by Fairfax County Republican Party)

Ryan McElveen (Endorsed by Fairfax County Democratic Party) – winner

Ilryong Moon (Endorsed by Fairfax County Democratic Party) – winner

Ted Velkoff (Endorsed by Fairfax County Democratic Party)

Mason Votes Logo

Photo credit: Mason Votes


Wednesday 11/4

A CNN article states that NASA released a report showing that Antarctica is gaining ice. According to the article, the Antarctic Peninsula and West Antarctica are losing ice, but those losses are offset by ice gains on the eastern part of the continent and in the interior. The report also said that scientists think increased snowfall, which began 10,000 years ago, is the reason for the ice gains. In an upcoming issue, Fourth Estate will talk about how food waste contributes to climate change.


Thursday 11/5

Mason’s Bike share program was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The construction being done on Fenwick Library is expected to be completed for the Spring 2016 semester.


Photo credit: Alya Nowilaty/Fourth Estate


Friday 11/6

Staff writer Nina Motazedi discusses what the 2016 presidential candidates are planning for higher education reform.

This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Volgenau School of Engineering.


Photo credit: Claire Cecil/Fourth Estate