Fourth Estate staff shares ghost stories for Halloween


From left to right: Tatyana White-Jenkins, Savannah Norten, Courtney Hoffman, Natalia Kolenko. (Claire Cecil/Fourth Estate)


Tomorrow is Halloween, and in the spirit of the spooky holiday, the Fourth Estate staff has shared its best ghost stories for everyone to enjoy!

Natalia Kolenko, Assistant News Editor

“I lived in Massachusetts till I was nine, in an area where a lot of Revolutionary War battles happened.  I was really young, and I was at my friend Riley’s house. We were playing with Beanie Babies in his room when we both looked up at his door. At the end of the hallway, we saw a white figure that looked like a man just standing there. The figure looked around, then walked into Riley’s sister’s room. We were so freaked out that we ran downstairs to find his mom!”

Savannah Norten, Lifestyle Editor

“I am a military kid, so I have lived in a lot of houses.  When I moved to Florida for eighth grade, we spent the first night waiting for our furniture to arrive the next day, so we slept on air mattresses that night in the living room.  I am a light sleeper, so when I rolled over in the middle of the night, I saw a little girl in a white dress in the corner of the room just staring at me.  I was kind of freaked out but I thought I was just having a very life-like bad dream, so I just rolled over again and went back to sleep.  The next morning, I was jokingly telling my mom about what I had seen.  Her face got very serious, and she then told me a little girl had died at the house.  The little girl had been run over in the driveway while drawing with chalk; she was too short for the car that was backing out to see her.   My mom said that is why the family had to move, it was too sad for them to live in house anymore.  I think I saw the spirit of this little girl.”

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

“I am from Gloucester, Va., and the house I live in was built in the ’30s. Only my family members have lived in that house, and I am certain that the spirits of my past relatives roam through my house from time to time. I’ve seen white, shadowy figures appear in different rooms since I was young and have had many spooky things happen. One night, I was in the kitchen with my mom and she asked me to turn her radio on in her room down the hall. Before I even took a step, music blasted from her room, and my dog ran out of the room like she had just seen a ghost. And I am certain that she did.”

Courtney Hoffman, Sports Editor

“When my brother was younger, he was hooked up to a monitor and needed to be checked on sporadically throughout the night. My mother would always get up to check on him. After a year in our house, we moved to a new home. A week after moving, my little sister, who was only three years old at the time, asked my mother where the skinny man in the yellow rain jacket went. My mother lost her mind. In our old house, late at night when she would check up on my brother, she would always see a tall skinny man in a yellow rain jacket standing by our front door. My sister would see the rain coat ghost too. My mother had never spoken of the rain jacket ghost until that evening.”