Starbucks lovers of Mason, unite!

Savannah Norton, Lifestyle Editor

While coffee lovers have either had their heads buried in their books or obsessing over the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, one may not have noticed the changes to the Northern Neck Starbucks.

The Northern Neck Starbucks location on campus recently underwent a makeover.  More chairs, couches and tables now fill the shop, and there is now significantly more space for customers.

“Oh, I absolutely love the new store! The best thing about it is the new direction of the line for the customers,” said Mason senior and Starbucks Barista, Bridget Bukovich.  She has been working as a lead barista, which is considered a supervisor, for a full year.

“It really opens up the store so that students who want to be there to study don’t get distracted by the business,” she said. “Vice versa, as a barista, I don’t have to worry as much about the students being annoyed by the line.”

The line for customers has been moved to the right side of the store, giving more space for people to relax, sip some coffee and do homework in the central area of the shop.  Also located next to the line area is an open refrigerated section that displays sandwiches and drinks.  A homey faux fireplace stands near the couches and a “Pour your heart into it” sign was added to the wall.

“It’s also a calmer atmosphere,” said Bukovich.  “As a worker, I feel less stressed on the job.  I’m also a full time student at Mason, so when I’m sitting in store as a student, I feel that calming atmosphere aide my studies.”

Customers have also had a positive reaction to the changes.

“It confused me at first,” Sophomore Raquel Olivos said of her initial reaction to the alterations.  “It looks a lot cleaner and less crowded.”

Senior Shaheer Ahmed also enjoys the modifications to the store.  “It is a more open environment, with more seating and more space for people.  Last year it was hard to find a spot to sit, especially during exams.  It is a better central spot.”