Top Workout Apps: Dorm Edition

You’re going to hit the gym everyday, right? You’re thinking “new semester, new me”. Well, I’m not falling for it. The moment the temperature drops below 70 and you have the option to walk to the gym or continue eating chips, while watching Friends re-runs in your sweats, I know which path you’ll take. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there but not this semester. It’s time to take charge and break-up with your favorite bag of Lays before I turn your living room into your new gym.

Luckily, since we’re all smart enough to have smartphones, there are apps that can help you complete a quick workout in your dorm when a trip to the gym just won’t work. After testing out a variety of different apps this summer, I’ve created a list of my favorites for the busy college student.

  1. Daily Workout by Daily Workouts App LLC: If you’re an at-home workout beginner, this app is a perfect place to start. It shows you videos and written descriptions of how to complete each exercise, so you cannot shy away from trying new things. You can even set reminders on the app so you won’t forget to add in your daily dose of cardio. Added bonus: It cheers for you each time you complete a workout! Who wouldn’t want their own workout parade?
  1. Sworkit Lite by Nexercise: Are you someone that’s busy one minute and completely bored the next? Sworkit allows you to adjust the duration of your workout from anywhere between five and 60 minutes. You can also switch up your workout depending on what you’re feeling from some zen yoga to full body exercises.
  1. Fitness Buddy by Azumino Inc.: By far my favorite of the bunch, Fitness Buddy helps you schedule workouts and keeps track of your daily accomplishments.  It also has highly detailed and helpful videos and explanations for those of us that still can’t figure out how to properly do a lunge. Be prepared to pay a little extra if you want to access this apps extended features.