College Supply List

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Remember in elementary school when teachers would send you a list with all of the supplies you needed for class? Back then you knew you needed one composition notebook, two glue sticks, a pair of scissors, and one pack of pencils. Those were the days, right?

Unfortunately you don’t receive a supply list when you start college. To beat that dilemma, here is a list of some college must-haves from an experienced student at George Mason supply list


With classes, clubs, and all of the campus events Mason has to offer, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the commitments you have. That’s where an agenda can come in handy.  Being able to organize your assignments, events, meetings — and even a much-needed nap — can make life much more manageable. Whether it’s a preppy Lilly Pulitzer or a simple Target find, a planner is essential to staying on track during college.

Campus Map:

Mason’s campus is quite large and can be difficult to navigate the first few times around (even upperclassmen get lost sometimes!). To avoid moments of confusion and find the quickest route to your next class, go ahead and pull out a campus map. You may get a few looks from your fellow Patriots but you will pride yourself in the fact that you weren’t late to class (and had extra time to grab Starbucks!).

Rain Boots and a Sturdy Umbrella:

In case you weren’t aware, Fairfax weather can be quite fierce at times. During a storm, parts of campus can flood, destroying your favorite pair of shoes, and huge gusts of wind can easily rip your favorite umbrella to shreds. To avoid disaster make sure to invest in a pair of rain boots and a sturdy umbrella. They are a necessity on Mason’s campus. Trust me, I’ve had too many umbrellas and shoes become victims to Fairfax storms.

Green and Gold Gear:

As a Mason student, flaunting your Patriot pride is of great importance.  In fact, it’s so important that Friday’s are specifically dedicated to showing your Mason spirit by donning green and gold. Stocking up on green and gold attire is an absolute must! Don’t feel like wearing Mason colors on a Friday? Be prepared to be tracked down and receive a spirit violation from one of your fellow Patriots. You may not care now, but do you really want to live with that shame for the rest of your life?

Travel Coffee Cup:

Classes can be quite droll at times, and you are bound to need a pick-me-up here and there.  Whether you’re into espressos or calming teas, having a travel mug to bring your favorite beverage to class can help make that 9 a.m. lecture much more bearable.

Gym Clothes:

People may try to tell you otherwise, but the Freshman 15 is real. Although you may think you don’t have enough time or motivation to visit one of the many gyms on campus, there may be a day when you get a burst of energy (or realize your favorite jeans are getting a bit too snug) and finally decide to go for a workout. For that moment, make sure you have some comfortable workout clothes (extra points if they are green and gold!).


College is hard. We are all bound to have those moments after a tough exam or when we are missing our families when we just need a good cry. For those times when you need to slip away to your favorite spot to shed some tears, make sure you have a pack of tissues with you. We’ve all been there and know there is nothing worse than crying and not having anything to dry your eyes.

A Safe Place for Your Mason ID:

Your Mason ID is basically your lifeline on campus. Your meal plan, access to your dorm and other campus necessities are all in the hands of that little plastic card, so finding a safe and secure place for it is crucial. Whether it’s a slot on your phone case,  a spot in your book bag, or the pocket of your jeans, make sure you know where your Mason ID is at all times!