Movie Review: Black or White

Alisa Posey, staff writer

A great film for the month of February is “Black or White.” The film is about Eliot (Kevin Costner), who recently lost his wife in a car accident, who is left alone to raise his interracial granddaughter, Eloise (Jillian Estell).

Eliot struggles with these losses and starts drinking frequently. In the midst of his grief, Eliot also goes through a custody battle with Eliose’s grandmother on her father’s side, Rowena (Octavia Spencer). Eloise has never met her father because of drug problems.

While the film touched on some aspects of race, the focus was really on the location and way to best raise Eloise.

Performances from the actors could’ve been stronger. There are parts in the film that felt forced, not very believable, coming mostly from Estell. There were also parts in the film that were meant for laughs, but were just not funny. Those scenes just didn’t quite hit the mark.

Overall “Black or White” was decent. It was worth watching but not really what you would expect with a title like that. There were definitely elements that could’ve been improved, but the story was engaging.