Final four wall in Brion’s torn down for new renovations

Brion’s Grille in University Mall will have an updated look for its 25th anniversary, but the Final Four wall that features a variety of George Mason University memorabilia will be gone.

In 2006, Mason men’s basketball reached the NCAA Final Four. At Brion’s Grille, a wall features sports memorabilia related to the Final Four and Mason athletics. According to Jordan Doss, the manager of Brion’s Grille, school spirit items will be spread around the restaurant. For example, the basketball jerseys will be put in the bar area.

“We took down the display piece-by-piece and then early [on September 22], around 4 a.m., the whole wall [was] knocked down,” Doss said. “It’s not going to be put back up in the same sense.”

The restaurant is still determining how to re-arrange the newspaper clippings and pictures from the Final Four.

“One of the ideas would be to make small collages with [the pictures and newspaper clippings], so that they’re a little more manageable and we can put them in different spots,” Doss said. “Another idea has been to put some on the tables so you would be looking down at Final Four photos and clippings and stuff like that.”

The sports restaurant and bar is also renovating its elevated area known as the Mason Room.

“We just put out some hardwood floor in there and a shuffle board table just got installed […],” Doss said. “We’re still waiting for some high-top tables and chairs for that area, but it’s usable. That room is what I’m most excited about.”

Another addition to the Mason Room will be three new, ultrahigh definition TVs.

On Oct. 6, the restaurant will celebrate the renovation by offering customers the traditional anniversary discounts.

“So we have our whole food menu half off,” Doss said. “We fill the place up and we’re going to show off all the new stuff and the work we’ve been putting in.”

As customers walk in, the restaurant’s remodeling and its Patriot Pride will be immediately noticeable.

“The owner’s nephew is a very talented artist and he’s in right now painting a mural in the front entrance way,” Doss said. “It’s a collection of Mason athletics as well as some food items. So it’s kind of the idea of when you walk into Brion’s.”

Photo Credits: Amy Rose