International Week kicks things back with 1990’s Decade Party

Written by Fourth Estate Lifestyle Reporter Meghann Patterson

The events held during International Week have continued to amaze students, including the 90’s Decade Party, which took place in the Johnson Center Bistro on April 9. Students from all cultural backgrounds came out to celebrate and learn about what was occurring around the globe during the 1990’s.

“I knew it was a good idea to come to this event, especially when I arrived and saw that they were handing out Pokémon cards at the check-in desk,” said Katrina Plevelich, a junior Business major. “That really got me excited for what else was to follow.”

As students made their way past the check-in desks, they were greeted by tables from seven different areas of the world: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, North America, Latin America and Asia.

Students had the opportunity to interact with other students from each area while obtaining knowledge through trivia questions and playing games such as Twister. Some games involved students naming islands or countries on a map while other games had students answering more specific questions about certain areas of the world. In addition, each table also gave students the chance to win popular 90’s candy like Sour Warheads, Fruit by the Foot and Airheads.

“I really liked the Europe table. Their trivia questions included picture clues, which was very helpful. The two students who were running the table seemed like they knew what they were talking about and were enjoying themselves,” Plevelich said.

As intriguing as the trivia tables were, many students were also drawn to the food and dance areas. The Latin America table allowed students to learn and perform three different dances from Brazil. The food table provided light snacks and drinks from around the world.

This event not only entertained students but also let them dive into a time period full of cultural bliss and good memories.

(Photo by Walter Martinez)