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OPINION: Anxiety at the start of the semester

By Susan Katherine Corkran, Columnist Cite at least six peer-reviewed sources for the paper. Don’t forget to read the next 100 pages in the textbook. The exam is next week—oh, and it’s cumulative. And I know all of you have…


Campus events for stress-free finals

By Claire Underwood, Staff Writer December is always a stressful time for college students. With upcoming final exams, papers, and projects, many people feel as though they do not have the time or energy to do anything fun or take…


Outdoor excursions to educate students and relieve stress

  Tatyana White, staff writer Looking for a way to de-stress while enjoying the great outdoors? Mason has new ways to make that possible for its students. The university now offers Outdoor Adventures, which offers weekly trips hiking, rafting and…