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Mason discusses tuition, budget, and more in town hall meeting

By Hailey Bullis and Isabella LaMageleine, Staff Writers  Mason hosted a town hall meeting to discuss tuition rates and student fees with J.J Davis, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, and Rose Pascarell, Vice President of University Life, on…

The Race for 2018 Midterm Elections Heats Up

FIVE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES OPPOSE INCUMBENT DEMOCRAT TIME KAINE FOR U.S. SENATE SEAT By Abigail Adcox, Staff Writer Three months after Virginia elected a new governor and slate of delegates to the General Assembly, campaigns are gearing up again for the…

SCHEV Releases Annual Report on Higher Education

VIRGINIA IS FAILING TO REACH MEASURES FOR IMPROVEMENT BY 2030 GOAL By Michael Eberhart, News Editor The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) recently released its annual report to the General Assembly for 2017, addressing how the commonwealth’s…


State Senator pushes for marijuana decriminalization

A BILL IN STATE LEGISLATURE INTRODUCES RELAXED PUNISHMENT FOR FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS By Alexander Shedd, News Assistant Editor A state senator has introduced a new bill to the state legislature that would relax certain parts of the laws for marijuana-related offenses….