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OPINION: Ramble on

By Dominic Pino, Columnist Every once in a while, an event transpires that shakes us.  We become confident in our ability to forecast events because, after all, the world is the same each day, and we know how it works….

OPINION: Should college athletes get paid?

By Natalie Heavren, Staff Writer Fourth Estate’s sports writer Natalie Heavren weighs in on fair pay for student athletes March Madness is circled on the calendars of people around the world. This tournament is hosted by the National Collegiate Athletic…

OPINION: 2018 Loyola-Chicago vs. 2006 George Mason

By Domenic Allegra, Contributor The lauded tournament run of the 11-seed Loyola-Chicago Ramblers (32-6) has come to an end after their loss to 3-seed Michigan in the Final Four. Loyola was in familiar territory in the Final Four, as their…