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Dialogue In Democracy

An Open Discussion of Peace and War BY ABIGAIL ADCOX, STAFF WRITER In today’s polarized U.S. climate, the Dialogue and Difference Project aims to deepen the discussion and garner student involvement. This month the discussion topic was peace and war….

Mason Plans To Send $3000 To Rebuild Infrastructure

Concern over the allocation of funds to assist Mason Veteran Patriots BY JALEN REID, STAFF WRITER The fourth meeting of the 39th Student Senate took place last Thursday. The meeting was headed by the new speaker, Davide Genoese-Zerbi, and President Bekah…

Lending a Paw to Patriots

SUPPORT ANIMALS HELP OUT STUDENTS ON CAMPUS  By Gemma Carretta, Staff Writer Talia Martinez is a sophomore at Mason majoring in integrated studies with a legal studies concentration. She is also one of the few students on campus who is…