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Full-Time Worker Part-Time Student

BY TYLER SHIELDS   David Elmer wakes up at 6 a.m. every day. He scurries to work and grinds until 5 p.m. When he gets off work, he grabs a quick bite then heads straight to class until 10 p.m….

Mason Love Week spreads compassion, raises awareness

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor Mason celebrated Love Week, a week dedicated to raising funds and awareness for a country in need, from November 9-13. This year, Cambodia was the country of choice. GMU Love Week was started six years ago and…

Student cancer survivor inspires community

Barbara Brophy, staff writer In many ways, Emily Albis is a typical college senior. An accounting major with a theater minor, she’s committed to her studies and hopes to enroll in law school after graduation. In addition to her hefty…