Photo Courtesy of Christopher Scott Tatum

Speaker Scott Tatum shares his experiences and plans for the 44th Student Senate


In a recent interview with junior Christopher Scott Tatum, known by his peers as Scott, Tatum shares his journey within Mason Student Government and his aspirations as Speaker of the 44th Student Senate.

Tatum, who is majoring in Government and International Politics, joined SG in April 2022. Since then, he has navigated through various roles, starting as the Vice Chair of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Committee and later assuming the role of Chair before his recent appointment to the Speaker of the Senate in Feb. 2024. “I’ve been privileged to serve in different capacities, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for impact,” Tatum said.

During his time in SG, Tatum shared that his most notable initiatives were his role in passing resolutions such as the DACA resolution and A Resolution to Support the Turkish and Syrian Communities at George Mason. Emphasizing the significance of the DACA resolution, Tatum underscores its importance in safeguarding the rights of undocumented students within the Mason community. “It was crucial to advocate for the preservation of the DACA program and to ensure support for undocumented students facing uncertainties,” Tatum said.

Tatum highlights the Senate’s active role in supporting diverse campus events and initiatives, ranging from Justice Week panels to Women’s History Month discussions. “We strive to bridge the gap between students and resources, facilitating meaningful dialogue and action on pertinent issues,” Tatum said.

Looking ahead, Tatum envisions a harmonious relationship between the administration, student body and Senate. He advocates for a proactive approach wherein Senate members actively engage with students to understand their concerns and aspirations. “Our role as representatives is to address the issues that matter most to students,” Tatum said.

In closing, Tatum gives a message to the student body. “Go out and vote,” Tatum said, emphasizing his values of collective action and civic engagement.

Student Senate can be viewed from the gallery every Thursday, 4:30 p.m. at Merten Hall.