Photo Courtesy of Arya Rashidian

A team of George Mason graduate students develop an online platform that caters to all types of learners.


TDULTRA by TutorDudes is an online learning platform designed for all learning styles. The platform was developed during the COVID-19 lockdown as an extension of TutorDudes, a membership service that matches students with tutors. Their goal was to make online learning adaptable and accessible.

The e-learning platform was created by a team of Mason graduate students: Yuching Hsieh, Saira Amjad, Folabomi Bolarinwa, Imtiaz Ahmad and Arya Rashidian with the help of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Mason Innovation Exchange.

Arya Rashidian, the CEO and Founder of TDULTRA and the CEO of TutorDudes LLC, said he wanted to create an innovative platform that accommodates learning style and behavior. He explained that TDULTRA is the learning management system (LMS) that helps members based on their learning needs.

“TDULTRA provides various tools and features to help visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners achieve the best possible online education. TDULTRA also supports…autistic students.”

The platform allows for interactive learning and is free for TutorDude subscribers. TutorDudes grants members access to the e-learning Platform TDULTRA and allows the user to speak, chat, write and share files with their tutors. 

TDULTRA has unlimited meeting times, real-time closed captions, and the ability to record and screen share. Rashidan and his team have hopes that this new platform could change online learning for the better.

“We would like to test TDULTRA and tailor it to meet the learning needs and expectations of faculty and students at George Mason University. While TutorDudes has recently made its service available to private users, we believe that the interface, design, features and functionality of TDULTRA makes it a strong candidate for potential partnerships with local schools and even George Mason University,” said Rashidian. 

“We see great potential in TDULTRA as a tool to enhance the learning experience for students and educators alike.” 

You can find TutorDudes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube or by going to to access their TDULTRA services.

People who are interested in internship and employment opportunities with TutorDudes and TDULTRA can send resumes to, apply on Handshake or contact them by email.