Photo Courtesy of Arya Menon

Meet Kappa Phi Gamma, a South Asian focused sorority.


A South Asian interest sorority at Mason brings women from different cultures together to form close relationships.

The Kappa Phi Gamma (KPhiG) sorority was founded in Austin, Texas on November 8, 1998. The sorority brought together women from various backgrounds who share similar interests and was created to empower and learn from each other. KPhiG sorority at Mason continues to promote the pride of culture and sisterhood. 

Senior Arya Menon, President of KPhiG, spent three years in the sorority learning from her sisters. Now, she intends to leave an impact of her own by sharing her knowledge with future and current members of the sorority.

When Menon became president, she set goals for the sorority to achieve by graduation. “My goal is to strengthen our sisterhood and garner a close-knit relationship. I think a team becomes more efficient the closer you are to each other.” Said Menon. 

KPhiG demonstrates leadership through giving back to the community. They focus on philanthropy yearlong by fundraising money for cancer research and awareness.  

The sorority also hosts the annual Mr. C.A.R.E. pageant, in which contestants showcase their talents for a good cause. “We have contestants from other fraternities and school organizations participate in a talent show.” Said Menon. “The donations received through the show will go towards cancer research and awareness. The winner of the competition will also get money to donate to whichever charity they choose.”

The Lambda Chapter at Mason guides its members through their scholarly journeys and life after graduation. “We have an academic chair whose role is to make sure everyone is on track to pass their classes, and if a sister is struggling the academic chair will help them find resources and help them set a study schedule.” Said Menon. “We also have many alumni in the area and around the nation that are readily available to help us with career questions and help connect us with people they know.”

KPhiG provides a home and community for its members. The sorority welcomes diversity with open arms. “As being a South Asian interest sorority, we find we all have similar backgrounds and/or experiences. The majority of our sisters commute to campus as well, so it was hard for some to find somewhere where they could meet others with the same interests.” Said Menon. 

Members proudly share their experiences as part of the sisterhood. “Being a sister of KPhiG has been a rewarding experience. I’ve made connections and memories for a lifetime.” Said Senior and Vice President Anu Baskar. 

They emphasize the bonds they’ve formed along the way. “It’s been a fun and memorable experience, and [I] hope to make more memories.” Said Nandini Udayakumar, the Sophomore Outreach & Treasurer. “I’ve made a lot of new relationships, and overall, I love being a part of this sorority.”

“I joined my first semester as a junior thinking it was too late, but it turned out to be the best decision.” Said Jasmine Nayyar, the Junior Marketing Chair. “The amazing girls I’ve met, the valuable friendships I’ve formed and the unforgettable memories I’ve made will last a lifetime.”  

Students who are interested in joining KPhiG can get connected through their Instagram or email at