Fourth Estate/Alexis McCaffrey


As the fall leaves begin to touch the ground activities in D.C. have become more popular. Here are some of our favorites!

The Office Experience: Are you a fan of the hit tv show, “The Office”? Then this is the place for you! Those who visit this interactive experience, similar to the “Friends” Experience, are able to celebrate their favorite moments from the cultural phenomenon that is “The Office”. You can take a stroll into Michael’s office and pretend you’re the boss of the Scranton Business Park office, or stroll to Pam’s receptionist desk. When strolling through the replica of the famous set, you can visit Ryan’s closet office or relieve Kevin’s Chili Spill. This is a must for any fans of the show and anyone who loves to take great photos for Instagram

Artechouse: is an immersive visual experience that combines art and technology. The current exhibit they have is ASE: Afro Frequencies which provides powerful visuals based on the celebration of the Black experience. This exhibit pushes the envelope on identity, power, and belonging as you walk through the history of African Kings and Queens. It was very moving and near the end of the exhibit, they even provided a video where they gathered the head artists’ insights on why this exhibition was made. Make sure to book your tickets in advance. They do offer student discounts so make sure to take your Mason ID with you. One of my favorite pastimes in DC which is perfect for fall is visiting bookstores. I am fall(ing) in love with books right now. Here are some of my favorite spots that showcase genres such as politics, women’s rights, poetry, and creative nonfiction as well as many others.

Capital Hill Books: located conveniently on Capitol Hill can simply be described as a house crammed full of books in EVERY single room. The house smells of books and in the best way possible. I originally found this bookstore on Pinterest and ever since then I have been in love. They have various genres and the staff is very courteous and will attend to your bookworm needs.

Bridge Street Books: located in Georgetown just flew blocks down from the Four Seasons Hotel. Offers access to a variety of best-selling books near the entrance while the rest of the store is divided into various sections: antiracism, feminism, classic fiction, and many others. I distinctly remember the poetry being located on the upstairs level. My favorite aspect about this store was the sections they had for those who worked in the store to showcase their favorite books. I thought it was a unique and quirky thing to do. There are many great finds in this bookstore and if you are ever in Georgetown make sure to stop by!