Pats For Pats – 4/22/22

Welcome back, Patriots! This week, there’s a lot to be excited about on campus. From Mason Day to the approaching end of the semester, students have many reasons to be excited, but also nervous in this more stressful time. Helping everyone through this stressful time, Pats For Pats aims to uplift the Mason community with words of recognition and encouragement.

This week…

Staff member Isaac Jasper received a pat for being “an amazing supervisor and member of Career Services.” In the words of his Patriot recommendation, “Not only has he helped me through my work as a Peer Career Advisor but also personally as I tried to secure summer work and graduate assistantships!”

Communication faculty members Anne Nicotera, Tim Gibson and Roger Smith received Pats for helping with communication advising when an advisor was out of the office.

Student Azetah Hussain received a pat from his professor for sending a note to his class that helped his classmates find an assignment that the professor misplaced. His professor recognized the time he took out of his day to help out the entire class. “Thanks Azetah for caring about others, it matters and makes the world a better place!”

Student Rachel Forman received a Pat from a friend who calls her “The most selfless person most of us know. Always offering a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.”

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