Hidden Hangouts: Sweet Berry

Fourth Estate/ Laura Scudder

Find endless combinations at this sweet shop


Crepes, frozen yogurt, waffles, gelato — are we in heaven? Nope, we’re in Sweet Berry. Found on Main Street in the Pickett Shopping Center, right by Trader Joe’s, this hidden joint is a sure hit. Does biting into a chocolate crepe with vanilla gelato sound good to you? If so, you’re in the right place! 

If not, you have terrible taste. 

The first time I went, I had the salted caramel gelato. It was delicious, but I did not anticipate the tastiness still to come. On my second visit, I knew I had to try the crepe/gelato combo that my friends raved about. 

It. Is. Amazing. Not to talk about it too much — there would be nothing worse than going to a place where they have gelato wrapped in a crepe and being disappointed — but it was very good. 

The lovely workers of Sweet Berry make many different crepes filled with sweet treats, including nutella, chocolate, caramel or Almond Joy. Then, they wrap the crepe into a cone-like shell and fill it with vanilla gelato. Not a fan of vanilla? Fret not, they’ve got you covered. Instead, you can substitute the gelato for something like pistachio or mint. 

Fourth Estate/ Laura Scudder

Some of their crepe concoctions even come with fruit — mainly strawberries or bananas. I dare say it doesn’t get any better than that.

The crepe cone rises just above the gelato, making it so you first have to eat dough — but then the crepe and gelato meet. Wowza! Imagine the combination of ice cream and a cone, but with a chocolate crepe and vanilla gelato. 

Also, the crepe cone is paper wrapped, so you don’t have to eat with your hands on the outside of the crepe right away. The last bite is a perfect one. Everything comes together to create the right amount of chocolate filling and vanilla. 

You may think the combination is too sweet, but there is a balance. The crepe dough adds just enough carbs to the chocolate and vanilla to offset the potential of it being too sugary. The delicacy is apparent. 

If sweet crepes filled with gelato aren’t your thing, there are many other options at Sweet Berry. You can fill up a cup of frozen yogurt. There are a range of flavors, from chocolate to strawberry to mango, and so many toppings. As in many frozen yogurt shops, the more the frozen yogurt weighs, the more expensive it is.

You can even grab a waffle, a drink or a savory crepe if you aren’t feeling something sweet that day. No matter what, Sweet Berry has a treat right up your alley. Find what is right for you and prepare to enjoy.