Best Mason Buildings to Study

With finals and deadlines approaching, finding a place to study on campus is a must

Graphic by Billy Ferguson

Graphic by Billy Ferguson

By Ahmed Farid, Staff Writer

April has arrived, which means everyone must start getting ready for final exams and assignments. Before you know it, you will find yourself buried in schoolwork, fighting against time to  hand in assignments in before the deadline. This is why it is very likely that from now until summer, most of your time will be spent on studying . Studying is something that most of us do not enjoy doing. It is not a pleasant experience, yet it does not have to be a miserable one.

Where you study could make a huge difference in how you absorb information, and thankfully Mason’s campus has more than one place where you can go through the daunting task. Here are the five best places on campus to study:

5) The Hub

The Hub is not usually the first place people head to when they want to study. It has all the essentials you need to study, with comfortable chairs all over. Plus, if it is a nice sunny day outside you can enjoy the weather while studying on the tables right outside the building.

4) SUB I

SUB I is a great building not just because it has Chick-Fil-A. SUB I is always quiet and has plenty of comfortable seats and tables for you to concentrate and study on. The third floor in particular is especially quiet.

3) Exploratory Hall

Exploratory Hall has an open area for studying. The area is usually quiet and not very busy. Science students in particular will feel in their element in this area, given that it is science themed. Senior Muneeb Hassan says, “it has a really nice and clean atmosphere which helps me focus on studying.” The best part is that you don’t have to walk at all if you need to get some coffee to keep you awake, because Peete’s Coffee is right next to it.

Mason student Skike Akinwale, “I like exploratory because it is more related to my major [biology]. It’s good to be around other science folks.”

2) Fenwick Library

A list of good places to study would not be complete if we didn’t include the library. One of the best things about Fenwick is that every floor has a different set of rules, so if you want to work on a group project with your friends, go to the second floor, and if you need absolute silence, head to the fourth floor. You can also energize yourself with some caffeine or get a bite to eat at Argo Tea.

Freshman Saleem Alkooheji, “My favorite place to study is Fenwick because of the atmosphere, the vibe.”

1) The Johnson Center

The JC is the heart and soul of Mason because, with a number of restaurants and cafes, it has a larger variety than any other building. More importantly, it has its very own library and even a math tutoring center if you’re struggling with your math assignment. You can also study in the studying area on the third floor.