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4 = Great; 3 = Good; 2 = Fair; 1 = Poor; 0 = Ooh, let’s not go there

By Nic Macotto, Staff Writer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi does what the second chapter of any film trilogy should do. Despite having a surprising amount of swearing and one or two storylines that goes on for an extended length, there is much to praise about the latest addition to the popular saga. Director Rian Johnson brings us a tale with awesome action sequences and gorgeous visual effects while containing good character growth. The values of hope and hopelessness are stressed in a manner similar to The Empire Strikes Back (1980) while also seeing how the characters struggle with their inner angels and demons. [Star Rating: 3/4]

The Post is a timeless film. The issues regarding the press and the government are prevalent now but this film shows us how it was a conflict decades ago and continues to this very day. Feelings of tension and paranoia were as evident during Nixon’s presidency as they are now. Led by a graceful performance from Meryl Streep, this political thriller takes us for a ride and reveals the valiance of these protagonists as the war on press started to take place. [Star Rating: 3.5/4]

12 Strong sounded fictitious at first, but it is truly an amazing story. Two worlds collide and bring out a partnership between the main characters, both of whom lead their military squadrons. Their connection brings up the topics of Islamophobia and xenophobia while also deconstructing them. With decent performances and a blend between western and war thriller genres, it is worth-seeing to honor its real life heroes and the bond America and Afghanistan could have with each other. [Star Rating: 3/4]
Illustration by Mary Jane DeCarlo