Pride Alliance hosts Mason annual Student Drag Show

By Huong Cao, Staff Writer

On Nov. 10, Mason students gathered at the Johnson Center Cinema with excitement. However, what they were waiting for was not a movie, but the annual Mason Student Drag Show organized by Pride Alliance at George Mason University.

According to Graham Ferguson, a Mason alumnus as well as the program assistant for LGBTQ Resources, “drag is a form of entertainment through the expression and kind of playing at the role of gender as well as hyper femininity and masculinity.”

There were four performers at this year’s drag show. Gav Farmer, an organizer of the show as well as a senior studying neuroscience at Mason, shared that most of the performers have never done drag before.

“Everybody who does this is extremely enthusiastic,” she added.

One of the performers, sophomore Ana Young, said, “I saw the drag show last year and it looked like a lot of fun. I wanted to participate in that. This is my first time doing this. I want to do it again. This is fun.”

The performers’ energy enthused the audience and filled the JC Cinema with excitement. Performers received tips from student guests as well as positive comments after the show ended.

Kim Bartenfelder, a sophomore at Mason, said, “honestly, [the show] was pretty awesome. This is the first time that I came so I’ll definitely try to get more involved.”

During the show, six students got actively involved by volunteering to join a Vogue-ing competition, where competitors make “exaggerated poses” and “creating the most passionate dance.”

The Vogue competition sparked excitement in the audience. Mason sophomore Patrice Jennings shared that she had not expected to volunteer but she felt like the amateur drag show was a safe environment to be crazy and silly.

This year’s annual Mason Student Drag Show brought participants delighted laughter and memorable moments. This did not surprise Farmer, who said that “the main takeaway of the show is entertainment value.” According to Ferguson, as long as people still feel interested in drag shows, the Pride Alliance team will keep organizing this event as it is becoming a tradition.

Photos Courtesy of Huong Cao