Animal lover Savannah Walck pursues passion


For many 20-year-olds, having your career figured out seems like a far-off dream. Savannah Walck, however, has known what career she’s wanted for a long time, and she has never stopped working to achieve it.

Walck is a vet assistant at Caring Hands Animal Hospital whose daily tasks include administering vaccines, taking blood, filling medication, restraining animals for appointments, giving daily medication, feeding animals, and helping with medical procedures, such as monitoring anesthesia patients both on the table and in recovery. The job is not easy, but this animal-lover is passionate about it.

“What made me decide I wanted to work with animals is when I realized how much I loved [animals], and I wanted to take care of the sick ones and the ones who had no one else to care for them,” she says.

Walck faces challenges in her average work day, such as not determining what is wrong with an animal right away and not knowing how certain animals will react. “You never know when they are going to freak out and try to eat your face. I had it happen last week.”

While the challenges are plentiful, Walck does not regret the career choice. She loves animals and wants to work with them her whole life. When asked what advice she would give to pet owners, she says to provide the best life for your animals and give them unconditional love.

“Give them that extra treat every now and then [and] give them those extra cuddles. You may have multiple dogs throughout your life, but they only have you.” She encourages pet owners to show your dogs, cats, guinea pigs or snakes extra love because they can feel it.