Student Government update

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Student government met Feb. 2 for its weekly meeting in Merten Hall 1201. Key legislation of the day included discussion on Resolution 29, which sought to establish a relationship with the Fairfax City Council, and Bill 17, which included funding for the Tuition Tell All event.

Resolution 29 had previously come before the senate during its meeting Jan. 26. Following a lengthy discussion, the senate sent the resolution back to the Government and Community Relations Committee for language revisions. Following the revisions, the resolution once again passed committee unanimously and then was passed unanimously by the senate.

Bill 17 was created to appropriate funds for the student government’s Tuition Tell All event. The event was established so that students would be able to discuss future changes to tuition costs and their concerns surrounding those changes.

The Tuition Tell All event will be held Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Johnson Center Bistro. The student government, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance J.J. Davis and Vice President for University Life Rose Pascarell will be at the event to discuss students concerns.

Bill 17, which was also passed unanimously, appropriated $60 for handbills — to be used as advertisements for the event — and $150 for giveaways for a total of $210.

In addition to passing Resolution 29 and Bill 17, the senate also received two resignations from Senators John Kielbowicz and Meeghan Schrecongost due to time conflicts. The senate also appointed Senator Nick Fisch to the position of Faculty Senate Liaison.

Senator Fisch was very happy following the vote and said, “I hope to bridge the communication gap between the faculty senate and student senate while also fighting for changes that are mutually beneficial and positive for all at Mason.”