Fourth Estate remembers Pilot House


Megan Zendek/ Fourth Estate

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

The news that Pilot House will soon be closing has greatly impacted the Fourth Estate staff, inspiring us to reminisce on our wonderful, grease-filled memories of the after-hours dining hub.

Alexa Rogers, Editor-In-Chief

Any time there was a brawl that involved throwing mozzarella moons and the police, you knew it was GDFR. Also, thank you, mac ‘n cheese wedges, for contributing to half of my freshman 20. I’ll miss you!

Darian Banks, Managing Editor                      

I will always remember Wednesday nights when “American Horror Story” would air. The entire floor would go to Pilot House before and spend all of their unused weekly meal swipes. With piles of food around us and a great group of friends that I am still close with, we would laugh and cringe at AHS. Pilot House was a key part of my freshman year and creating bonds with lifelong friends. Thank you for mozzarella moons, mac ‘n cheese wedges, amazing French fries, and entire pizzas! *mouth currently watering thinking of the foods I’ll never eat again*

Ellen Glickman, News Editor

Thank you Pilot House for being the best place to waste extra meal swipes on Thursday nights. Thank you for the delicious mac ’n cheese wedges, mozzarella moons, pizza, sandwiches and all your other fried treats. Thank you for the late nights and friendships formed over the greasy feast. You will be missed.

Natalia Kolenko, Assistant News Editor

My roommates and I were always really busy, and so we didn’t get a chance to just hang out a lot. So every now and again, when we actually had some free time, we would go to Pilot House and get all the mac ’n cheese wedges and chocolate cake we could get. Those were some of my best memories from my time here at Mason.

Savannah Norton, Lifestyle Editor

After a long night out with friends, I always looked forward to some good greasy food from Pilot House.  It was a great place to hang out and catch up with friends. I love how it wasn’t “poppin” until late hours, it was pretty lit. I will miss the mac ‘n cheese wedges most!

Tatyana White-Jenkins, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Pilot House was such an important aspect of my freshman year experience. Living in Eastern Shore, I was always just a quick walk away from some hot and delicious mac ‘n cheese wedges! I always enjoyed going to Pilot House due to the diverse group of people who would come together to bond over gaining the freshman 15. It was also great being greeted by Pilot House’s greatest treasure, Robert. Oh, Pilot House. You will truly be missed.

Courtney Hoffman, Sports Editor

I remember heading to Pilot House my freshman year with hallmates to enjoy the 10 p.m. Mass. Gone, but not forgotten, the 10 p.m. Mass was a delicious chicken parmesan sub loaded with mozzarella moons.

Ben Cowlishaw, Assistant Sports Editor

Robert at Pilot House was one of the friendliest staff members I met at Mason – actually, one of the friendliest people I’ve met anywhere. The 10 PM Mass on Sundays sandwich, I’ll never forget you.

Amy Rose, Photography Editor

Mac ‘n cheese wedges during late night study breaks made finals so much better each semester. Nothing is better than breaking open one of these glorious wedges, watching the steam pour out, and tasting each bite of cheesy goodness.

Megan Zendek, Visual Editor

Mac ‘n cheese wedges and mozzarella moons. That pretty much defines Pilot House. They weren’t the healthiest of choices, so it was always a treat to have them on late nights!

Katie Morgan, Design Editor

One of the best parts of my freshman year was going to Pilot House for the breakfast foods they used to have. It was a great way for me to take a break from late night studying and go get a snack at 11pm.

Barbara Brophy, Copy Chief

I only went there once, and I’m not sure I got anything. Still, the golden glow of Pilot House’s lights did manage to cheer my midnight walks from Fenwick to my dorm.