Quidditch team flies through World Cup

Tatyana White-Jenkins, staff writer

After competing over the weekend in Rock Hill, South Carolina for World Cup 8, Mason’s Quidditch team has returned with more drive than ever before.

It was their first World Cup and Mason’s team went 2-3, an impressive feat for a group that became official only a year ago.

“For a team that only became USQ (United States Quidditch Official) last semester I feel we did a phenomenal job. There were 80 teams at World Cup and about 2 or 3 went 0-5, while a few more went 1-4. We did slightly better, going 2-3, which is amazing,” senior Arielle Flax said. “We beat teams that have been playing together much longer than we have. And the games that we lost were against very good teams so I’m very proud of how well we did.”

The atmosphere of the tournament, although overwhelming at times, served as a great learning and bonding experience for the team.

“It was more than what I expected. I watched a lot of film but watching it in person is a lot different than watching it on film,” senior Chris Duong said. “The intensity of it, that feeling in the moment, it’s great, especially the crowd.”

After both losses and wins, members of the team were able to notice where there needs to be improvement and where the team was able to succeed.

“I think I played pretty decently,” Flax said. “I was aggressive when I needed to be and my decision making was as good as it ever was!”

“I learned that I need to make a lot of improvements as an individual as well as with my team,” Duong said. “It was our first time there and we were overwhelmed at times.”

With a trying tournament like World Cup, teamwork and support are necessary to make it through successfully.

“My favorite part of World Cup was our last game on our first day,” Duong said. “That day we actually came together as a team. I’ve been on the team a little over a year and that’s the best we have ever played.”

The immense amount of teamwork is what members attribute to Mason’s success at World Cup, and their overall success as a team.

“If you fight hard enough and work well with your teammates, you can upset a higher ranked team,” Flax said. “My favorite part of World Cup was definitely being with and competing with my teammates. Having a team you love and feel supported by makes every tournament amazing and so much fun.”

Photos by Matt Dwyer.