Get a Date With Fourth Estate: Alex and Morgan

AlexMorganThe first students matched together by the Lifestyle team were junior, Alex Hinton and senior, Morgan Romero.  They decided to go to dinner at Coyote Grille located right off of Main Street.  They were interviewed separately about their date experience.

What is your major?

Alex: “Communication.”

Morgan: “Criminology.”

Who planned the date?

Alex: “First, I sent her an email to exchange phone numbers and then I texted her to come up with the date plans. It wasn’t super awkward. I didn’t try to drag out conversation at all. I just set up the time and place.  The hardest part for me was reaching out to her.”

Morgan: “Alex did.”

What was your first impression?

Alex: “She was dressed nicely taller than I expected.”

Morgan: “ [He was] really easy going and nice to talk to.”

Did you have a good time?

Alex: “It was awkward at first. I started rambling, but then I calmed down. I was pretty nervous.  Once we started talking a bit, the conversation started happening naturally.”

Morgan: “Yes I did, it was nice conversation flowing and everything felt comfortable.”

What were you expecting out of the date?

Alex: “I don’t know what I was expecting really.  [To] meet someone new, have some food and have a good time.  This was a really good way to meet someone you woulnd’t normally meet.”

Morgan: “Honestly I was really worried it was going to be awkward since it was a double blind date. So I’m really happy it wasn’t.”

What was the funniest thing that happened?

Morgan: “Probably taking our picture [at the end of the date]. It kept coming out blurry!”

What was the most surprising thing that happened?

Alex: “I found out she was musical.  She went to a lot of concerts and music is something I like to talk about.  She also liked my car, which made me happy.” (Alex has a red BMW)

Morgan: “I think it not being awkward since that’s the biggest thing I was worried about.”

How well did you guys click?

Alex: “We clicked well, we never really had any awkward silence. The date lasted about 2 hours.”

Morgan: “I think we clicked well. There was an easy conversation flow.”

How did you break the ice?

Alex: “I asked her about her major, because she is a senior I wanted to know what she was going to do with it.”

Morgan: “Talking about our school schedules.”

What was something you learned about about your date that stuck out to you?

Alex: “She commutes all the way in from Nokesville. It’s like a 40 or 50 minute commute.”

Morgan: “That he works at the schools radio station. I’ve always wondered what they did/played so it was nice to get that insight.”

Anything else you would like to add?

Alex: “I wish I had walked her to her car at the end of the date.”

Why did you sign up for #GetADateWithFourthEstate?

Alex: “I thought this would be fun.  A good way to meet someone. She ended up being real nice, so that was cool.”

Morgan: “Just for fun and out of curiosity.”

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