Movie Review: Big Eyes

Tim Burton does not disappoint. His direction of the film “Big Eyes,” which is about artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) turned out to be a work of art. Keane’s artwork never received the attention it deserved until she met Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) and married him. Walter would increase the visibility of Margaret’s art with public hangings and the selling of cheap prints. Eventually he would take the credit for Margaret’s artwork, but would help build attention, fame and money for her work.

The performances by the actors were phenomenal. Amy Adams started off as a scared and weak character and grew into a fighter, becoming strong and independent. While Christoph Waltz started off as charming but arrogant, he became evil, lying and manipulative. Waltz’s performance definitely stood out and deserved his Golden Globe nomination. The emotion and intensity of the role was played off very well, making the audience feel nothing but anger with him.

This film was great and inspirational. It reminds us to do the things you love and to not let anyone else take credit for your hard work. If you have an interest in art, this film is worth the watch.