Movie review: Nightcrawler

Alisa Posey, Staff Writer

“Nightcrawler” is a movie that will draw you in, keep you engaged and extremely surprising. You may not even know what to think. Directed by Dan Gilroy, the film is about Lou (Jake Gyllenhaal) trying to find his niche in life. He becomes interested in shooting video for news reporting. As he gains experience, he begins to make money by selling his footage to a news director, (Renee Russo). As things begin to work out for him, he starts his own production company and hires an assistant (Riz Ahmed). Together they shoot crime scenes and other breaking news. Their goal is to get the footage to the TV station before other video production companies.

The character of Lou is quiet and introverted. But you’ll see more of his personality, when he sets his mind to something.. And when he really wants something he will do anything to get it. Gyllenhaal plays a very odd character, but does a truly amazing job portraying him.

This film has plot points that you won’t see coming. You will be in your seat saying “Oh my gosh…” or “No, no, don’t do it!” You will be engaged in the film, you will not be able to stop watching, and you may even feel guilty after watching it. However is it worth the watch? Yes and No. The film is eye opening. It shows you the reality of what some people will do to survive and some of those things are shocking. But the film will keep your interest and will make it worth it in the end.