Food truck regulations eased in Fairfax County

Food trucks in Fairfax County will now have an easier time starting their businesses, thanks to new regulations approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

The old regulations treated food trucks as fast food restaurants and required zoning fees of $16,000. The new regulations require only $100 in zoning fees, according to a news release on Oct. 7.

“It basically makes it significantly easier for them to do business,” said Public Information Officer from the Office of Public Affairs Brian Worthy. “Previously, they were treated like fast food restaurants and had to go through a much more costly and difficult zoning approval process. And now with permission from property owners and a $100 zoning permit, you know they’re able to do business.”

In Fairfax County, food trucks may operate on private property, with written permission from the owners. The food trucks are not allowed to operate on public roads.

Public hearings, which were required by the previous regulations, are also no longer necessary. Despite the changes, food trucks still need to follow some of the old regulations.

“Now under the new regulations that were adopted Oct. 7, trucks need a $100 zoning permit and public hearings [are] not required, of course they’re going to still need, as they would anyway, a permit from the health department, and a solicitors license,” Worthy said.

According to the news release, food trucks must pay the yearly $100 zoning permit, $35 for a solicitor’s license from the Department of Cable and Consumer Services and $40 for a Food Establishment Permit from the Health Department. Food trucks must also pay a onetime $100 food truck permit.

“I know that our elected officials worked very closely with representatives of industry,” Worthy said. “Including the Food Truck Association, to come up with these new zoning rules.”

Photo Credit: Amy Rose